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Using Self-Hypnosis For Weight Loss

For many, the thought of dieting can send them straight to the grocery store to stock up on food. After all, they wouldn’t want to starve now, would they? That said, there are better ways to go about dieting.

Many dieters have found a secret that has made dieting the easiest thing they’ve ever done. What is this you may wonder, it’s called self-hypnosis. That’s right, hypnosis.

All it takes is the desire to lose weight and a few powerful affirmations and hypnotic suggestions that will help to rewire the brain. The subconscious is very open to suggestion and when used properly, these suggestions may well motivate the person to diet and stay on their diet.

The first step is to convince yourself that you can succeed at your diet. It’s a simple matter of how powerful the mind is. The mind is a very powerful tool that can absorb many things.

For anyone who is able to convince themselves that they can do something, they are well on their way to doing it. That is how hypnosis works. It convinces the person that they can succeed.

To begin, the person needs to find a comfortable spot to situate themselves. It could be a bed, recliner, wherever the person can be comfortable and relax while supporting their head, neck, shoulders etc.

Find something in the room to look at and focus on. Let everything else leave the mind and focus on this one object. It may take a few minutes to fully allow this to happen.

Take deep slow breaths and allow yourself to simply become one with the bed or recliner or wherever you’re seated.

As you relax, you’ll feel the stress and tension melt away and you’ll begin to feel soothed and relaxed. This is the first phase in refocusing your mind and rewiring the brain.

Visualize a pendulum on a clock and slowly count backward from 10. As you count down tell yourself at each number that you’re becoming more relaxed. Increase the strength of the words you use with each number until you reach the number 1.

Now it’s time to tell yourself whatever it is that you need to know to rewire your brain. “I am only going to eat healthy portions of healthy food today”, “I’m not going to eat any junk food today”. “I’m not going to drink any soda today”. You get the idea. You should have several of these at the ready. Be sure that you’re very focused in each statement and each time you do your hypnosis be sure to mention several of them.

One of the best ones is to tell yourself that “I won’t eat any unhealthy foods”. Reaffirm this at least once per day under self-hypnosis.

Plan to spend a minimum of 20 minutes per day practicing this method of self-hypnosis and see if it helps you to slow down on unhealthy eating and begin to lose weight. That is how self-hypnosis for weight loss works.