Quitting Drinking

Hypnosis Techniques to Quit Drinking Alcohol

Getting Started With Self-hypnosis For Quitting Drinking

When you hear hypnotism, you probably think of a swinging clock in front of the victim, or optical illusions that leave you in a trance. Words like brainwashing or mind-control come into mind. A kind of hypnosis, self- hypnosis, is when a person is in control and is aware of what is happening to his self or herself.

Self- induced hypnosis, or self-hypnosis, is a method of hypnotizing one’s self to be more conformable and amiable. Two years after discovering and practicing hypnosis, James Braid was able to apply hypnosis to himself. He was suffering from severe pain on his left arm and left chest due to a rheumatic attack. He sat down and tried hypnotism methods on himself, and to his surprise, he soon slowly started feeling less pain.

Self- hypnosis today is usually used to get rid of behavioral issues, help you improve your personality or confidence, and can help get rid of bad habits like smoking or overeating. Drinking is one of the most common and difficult habits to let go. Thankfully, you can use self-hypnosis for quitting drinking.

Being sold in almost every country and is the easy to obtain compared to drugs, alcohol is the leading most addictive substance. Heavy drinking can lead to being more prone to liver disease, heart disease, sleep disorders, addiction and some types of cancer. Not all people are open or don’t have the luxury to go to therapy. Self- hypnosis can be their way to a better or an alcohol-free life.

A self-hypnosis strategy to help in quitting drinking is meditation. Meditation involves having some quiet time with yourself, being more aware of yourself and your surroundings, and deep breathing. Meditation concentrates on developing clarity and positivity. When trying let go of drinking, you’d definitely need a sense of clarity and a lot of positivity.

Another strategy to help stop or lessen your alcohol consumption is through discipline and focusing on your goal. Having an inspiration board or an app that helps you keep track of how much you’ve improved towards that goal. Letting go of habits is a process, and can take time. So to keep motivated, it’s advisable to start with realistic and attainable small goals and to make a simple (non-alcoholic) rewards system for yourself, like treating yourself to some cake when you’ve gone through a week of no alcohol.

There are also different products and services on self- hypnosis to make things more convenient. There are DVDs on hypnosis and also classes and books on the topic that can help you develop your understanding of self-hypnosis for quitting drinking.

Being more informed on self- hypnosis for quitting drinking and being more aware of where you’re currently at and where you want to be or what you want to achieve is also a great way to help yourself. Overcoming an addiction or a negative habit isn’t easy, and it can take months or even years of hard work. And sometimes, you may relapse or feel like giving up. But with constant positive reinforcement and the right encouragements, you can let go of your drinking habit.

Self-Hypnosis can be incredibly effective in eliminating limiting beliefs and addressing destructive habits and help people to quit drinking alcohol to excess. Click Here!