Erectile Dysfunction

Hypnosis to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

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Can Hypnosis Help With Impotence And Erectile Dysfunction?

A common problem that many men have over the age of 30 is erectile dysfunction. This is where they are not able to achieve an erection, and if they do, it diminishes within a few minutes or seconds. Whether a man has ED, there are several strategies that they can use to resolve the problems. Many men will go to a doctor in order to get a prescription for Viagra or Cialis. However, if they would prefer doing something other than taking drugs every time that they want to have sex, they might want to consider hypnosis as a way of resolving this issue.

What Causes Impotence Or ED?

The primary reason that men suffer from this problem has very little to do with their physical body. It has to do with their mind. They may have had a bad sexual episode where they were greatly stressed or tired, and despite the advances of a woman, they were too tired to perform. As a result of that failure, they will develop a mindset in their subconscious that makes them believe that this is going to happen again. This is one of the worst things that can happen to a man, and if it continues, the pattern of impotence will only get worse.

How A Hypnosis Session Can Help With Impotence & Erectile Dysfunction

Since this is primarily a mental and emotional issue, the problem resides in the subconscious. The only way to fix this problem is to tap directly into the subconscious by getting around the conscious mind. The way that a psychologist is able to do this is to use hypnosis. They will likely have the proper training, allowing them to distract your conscious mind, giving them access to your subconscious. It is there that they will make suggestions about how great you are in bed, and how you always have an erection. By suggesting this while accessing your subconscious, this can change the way that it functions, and therefore it will also change how you are able to perform when you are operating in the conscious mind.

Will It Work For Every Man With This Problem?

Hypnosis can be a very fickle strategy for some people. It simply does not work on people that would prefer not losing control. People like to know what is going on around them, and because of this desire to not lose their sense of self, the hypnotist will not be able to hypnotise them. However, if they are able to successfully move the conscious mind and ego out of the way, they will then be able to make suggestions. After several sessions, this new pattern will be established, helping the man feel more confident when they are about to have sex.

In conclusion, if you are impotent because you suffer from erectile dysfunction, definitely consider contacting a hypnotist. It is worth a try to see if they can reprogram the way that your conscious mind performs while you are trying to have an intimate moment with someone that you love. You may find that it will work after the first or second session, and then you will have no problems at all. However, this can only be done by first finding a reputable hypnotist in your area, and then going through a hypnotic session to see if it can resolve your problem.